‘It can be done. It must be done’: what the latest IPCC report tells us – The latest IPCC report was released at the end of March, this article summarises the findings. Read More.

Parliament adds ecocide to EU’s draft list of environmental crimes – “If this level of ambition is maintained during negotiations with EU countries and the Commission, all member states will have to recognise ecocide in their national law.” Read More.

Over 2,000 Companies Buy and Sell Recycled Plastic at This Online Marketplace – “The platform – which Schiller hopes will one day be the Amazon for recycled plastic – currently has 2,500 users, including packaging giants that handle big labels.” Read More.

Press Release: Global Collaboration for Ecosystem Restoration – Part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Education Challenge 6.1 of the Decade Action Plan aims to embed ecosystem restoration education into formal and non-formal education systems worldwide by 2030. Read More.

From crisis to opportunity: three thinkers rewriting the climate narrative – Three climate entrepreneurs share their thoughts on why, in the face of the climate crisis, we should cast pessimism aside. Read More.

Wind Farms and Birds Are Learning to Coexist – New technology including radar systems and bird-tracking AI are making windfarms safer for our flying friends. Read More.

The Green Nobel Prize – The Goldman Environmental Prize is given to grassroots activists who go above and beyond to protect the planet; check out this years winners and their inspirational projects. Read More.

Green Day reflections: did the UK Government’s climate and energy package deliver? – Just before Easter, the UK Government brought forward a huge raft of energy and climate announcements, but what does this really mean, and is the Government on track to meet Net Zero and climate targets? Read More.

‘Appalling’ Earth Day greenwashing must not detract from message, says protest founder – Environmental activist Denis Hayes warns against corporate greenwashing that goes against the original principles of the day. Read More.

2030 nature targets agreed in December may already be slipping out of reach – This blog explores and investigates ecological lags and what they mean for nature targets. Read More.


Apply for a free air quality monitor for your school with SamHE – Pronounced ‘Sammy’ this new DfE-supported project enables you to utilise an air quality monitor and related web-app where you can view the data and use it to engage your students in curriculum related topics. Read More.

Immersive Nature Camps for Young People – The Village at the Edge of the World is a week-long immersive off-grid camp experience from The Visionaries, designed to bring together young people who want to take ownership of the future and create meaningful change. Camps for 15-17 years, or 18-30 years. Read More.

Young Climate Warriors – Young people participating in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme can now become ‘Young Climate Warriors’ fulfilling their ‘Skills Section’ requirements. Read More.

Regional Climate Teacher Gatherings – In Bristol on the 30th May, and London on the 31st May, teachers are invited to join Ministry of Eco-Education and partners for a day of climate action. Bristol. London.

Outdoor Classroom Day – Is the 18th of May, and again on the 2nd of November; make space for time outside with your young people during the day, and find resources and more about how you can get involved online. Read More.

Help Save Seabirds – RSPB have launched a petition asking the Government to ban industrial sandeel fishing; with the diminishing number of sandeels comes a distinct problem for seabirds who depend on them as part of their food supply. Read More.

Water Vole Survey – The People’s Trust for Endangered Species is inviting you to take part in their National Water Vole Monitoring Programme. The water vole is our fastest declining mammal; find out how you can take part online. Read More.


The Climate Coalition – Check out this video about the upcoming Great Big Green Week, 10th – 18th June! Read More. Also find out online what’s happening near you and how you can get involved. Read More.

International Day of Biological Diversity – Find resources online at the Harmony Project to engage your students in this day, and check out their video considering where we see diversity at work in the world and what we learn from it. Read More.

Education Challenge – Young Reporters for the Environment are launching an Education Challenge as part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration; join the launch webinar on the 22nd of May. Read More.


L2 NCFE Certificate in Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness – SGS College have launched a new course, exploring how to become positive drivers of change in the workplace and at home. In response to climate change and environmental issues this course teaches about reducing carbon emissions, renewable energy, and minimising waste. The course is online and self-directed, allowing you to study at your own pace and time. Read More.

What are green skills? 15 green skills, clearly explained: AIMHI Earth – Learn more about the thinking behind ‘green skills’ with this article which explores and expands on the now-common term, as well as highlighting 15 specific skills and what they mean. Read More.

Environmental Learning Platform: Earth Cubs – This online platform designed specifically for primary school age students is now free to access and use; it covers the 17 SDG’s, sustainability, climate change, equality, and more. Read More.

National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Award: Department for Education – The National Education Nature Park will bring together all the land from across education settings into a vast virtual nature park. It will enable children and young people to get involved in taking practical action to improve the biodiversity of their setting and see over time how the virtual park changes. Read More.

YRE for Teachers – Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) have released a new course for teachers all about their programme and how you can implement it. Read More.