Climate Education takes root – This article explores the introduction of climate education in schools in New York, covering the smaller 2023 trial, and the proposed expansion of the project. Read More.

Japan to launch world’s first wooden satellite to combat space pollution – In a rather wild idea, Japanese Scientists have created the environmentally friendly LignoSat probe, built from Magnolia wood. Read More.

How Farmers Are Preparing for a Saltier Future – With an increasing level of salt making its way into agriculture researchers and growers are looking for saline-resistant solutions. Read More.

5Talks meets pro skier and activist Sierra Quitiquit – Imagine 5 Newsletter talks to Sierra about how her passion for skiing inspired and ignited her passion for the environment, and the importance of talking. Read More.

Life lessons: Megan McCubbin on what life so far has taught her – The wildlife presenter and zoologist shares her passion for the natural world, her optimism when it comes to the younger generation and the joy that poodles can bring. Read More.

Q&A: What does the EU ‘nature restoration’ law mean for climate and biodiversity? – Despite contention, a new law requiring EU nations to restore and protect wildlife on a fifth of their land and sea by 2030 has been approved by the European Parliament. Read More.

Thinking outside the bin – Silo is the world’s first zero-waste restaurant and in this article with Positive News Douglas McMaster discusses the vision, just how they do it, and how he hopes to make zero-waste a reality in home kitchens. Read More.

Botanical gardens ‘most effective’ green space at cooling streets in heatwaves – As temperatures everywhere are rising, scientists have been exploring effective strategies for maintaining cool in the midst of some of our hottest environments: cities. Read More.

Climate Ed 101: Teacher Edition – Ex-teacher Emily Walker discusses how we train teachers, and what’s needed for effective ongoing teacher development, especially when it comes to big, important topics like climate change. Read More.

The Danish City Reimagining Reuse – In the Danish city of Aarhus two metric tons of perfectly good used items move through the reuse centres every day, making their way to new homes. Read More.


International Young Reporter for the Environment competition open to entries – With an amazing prize of an invitation to participate in the annual Education for Sustainable Development conference in South Korea in 2025, this opportunity for young people passionate about the environment is not to be missed. Closes 10th May 2024. Read More.

FEE Teacher Award – This award aims to recognise outstanding teachers within ESD. If you’d like to apply for this years’ teacher award then you’ll find everything you need to know about eligibility and applying on their website, the deadline is April 22nd. Read More.

Folk in the Forest – A fundraising event for The Sustainability Centre, this evening celebration of folk music in the forest takes place on the 6th Tickets are available online or on the door. Read More.

How did you spend your first Earth Day? – Did you know Earth Day has been running for 54 years? And with next one fast approaching (22nd April 2024), want to hear from you about your Earth Day experiences. Read More.

The Great Big Green Week – Is taking place from the 8th – 16th June, and the theme for this year is Let’s Swap Together for Good. Get inspired by ideas and opportunities online, or find out how you can run your own event. Read More.


Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024 results – This year attracted a record number of entrants and pictures, and you can view these stunning images and hear what the photographers have to say about their pieces online. Read More.

My Green Pod Magazine – Is a three-monthly magazine highlighting a new environmental theme each month, March’s theme is ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’… head online to read or download the issue. Read More.

Is our Education System Ready for a Sustainable Future? Speak Up! Ep 7 – Available to watch on YouTube as well is an episode of Speak Up! where SEEd colleagues and partners Anthony Bennett (CEO, Reboot the Future), Richard Dunne (Director, The Harmony Project) and Cindy Forde (Founder, Planetari, and Author) engage in a thoughtful dialogue on integrating sustainability into education. Read More.


Teach the Future: Primary Curriculum for a Changing Climate launch webinar – Commissioned by Teach the Future England, the ‘tracked changes’ sustainability review of the national curriculum by academics, teachers, and teacher educators, has completed its next phase. Join a launch webinar of the Primary Curriculum for a Changing Climate on Tuesday 26th March at 4pm to learn more about this groundbreaking project. You will hear from students, teachers, and academics, and learn more about how the review can be used in schools. An exciting keynote will be delivered by Cindy Forde, the incredible children’s author, activist, and entrepreneur. Find out more and register here.

Teaching Material: Get Read for Global Action Days: Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) – FEE have put together a helpful Activity Guide, Supporting Notes, and Handout to support you through activities during the upcoming Global Action Days running 22nd April – 3rd May 2024. Read More.

The Mindful Traveller: Nina Karnikowski – Part reflection, part memoir, and part manifesto about the ethics of modern travel, this book explores options for continued travel while maintaining care for the environment. You can read an excerpt here, or Read More.

Climate anxiety in children and young people and their beliefs about government responses to climate change: a global survey: Caroline Hickman, MSc; Elizabeth Marks, ClinPsyD; Panu Pihkala, PhD; Prof Susan Clayton, PhD; R Eric Lewandowski, PhD; Elouise E Mayall, BSc, et al. – 10,000 children from 10 countries were surveyed on their thoughts and feelings about climate change, and government responses to climate change, and Pearson’s correlation analysis was done to evaluate whether climate-related distress, functioning, and negative beliefs about climate change were linked to thoughts and feelings about government response. Read More.