Celebrating International Women’s Day – EarthDay has compiled two lists of dedicated women filmmakers and authors whose work is shining a spotlight on the climate crisis and what is being done to fight it. 5 Filmmakers. 5 Authors.

International Women’s Day: 15 trailblazing women making the world better – From food, to closing the gender pay gap, defending the Amazon, wealth management, Romanian folk music, and the Black Mermaid Foundation, these 15 women are leading the way in effecting change in the world. Read More.

Labour gave us national parks – how can Keir Starmer be so silent on nature’s survival now? – Craig Bennett, Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trusts, calls for bigger efforts to be made by the Labour Party to solve the nature crisis. Read More.

People’s Plan for Nature – Following the third and final meeting of the People’s Assembly for Nature in February 2023 the final plan is now being compiled and is due to be released soon, keep an eye on the page for further updates and for what you can do to help. Read More.

Creativity, critical thinking & climate education for the green transition – This blog from OECD Education explores how supporting young people’s creativity and critical thinking skills through education is crucial in supporting them through the green transition. Read More.

Climate Action Is a Four-Day Work Week – New findings show that not only is a four day working week better for employees, it’s also prompted a significant decrease in carbon emissions and an increase in environmental action. Read more.

The Wollemi Pine’s survival proves we can save more trees – An estimated 40% of the world’s flora are at risk of extinction, yet plants tend to get less attention and funding than animal conservation efforts. Read More.

Youth climate anxiety: can talking about climate change at home make a difference? – This think piece explores the growth concern over youth climate anxiety, and suggests how you can support the young people around you. Read More.

Founding Dean Emeritus & Professor, Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies, on the impacts of climate change – ‘…the whole world seems to care about the environment. However, it rarely translates into actual action. I could not have imagined that between the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and today, the global uptake would be to this extent, but had I imagined it, I would have also imagined that by now we would have solved the problem because it is not a difficult problem.’ Read More.


The Nature Space Project – This free-to-attend project is for young people aged 12 – 20 and will take place weekly in Landport, Lewes, from the 25th Learn woodland skills, connect with nature, and enhance wellbeing. Read More.

The Orwell Youth Prize – This prize is for political writing by young people in school years 8 – 13 on the theme of ‘Who’s in Control?’. Find out more and enter online by the 7th June. Read More.

Svalbard’s mysterious ‘doomsday’ seed vault offers glimpse inside with virtual tour – This conservation fortress safeguards 1.2 million crop species from across the world, to celebrate their 15th anniversary they’re virtually opening their doors for tours. Read More.

Radical Care Youth Space – Climate Psychology Alliance are offering a new supportive space for young people. Anyone aged 18 – 25 can join the monthly online meetings and explore their feelings around the climate crisis with other peers and skilled leaders. Read More.

Climate Education Coalition Open Letter – EarthDay are inviting everyone interested to sign an open letter to world leaders at COP28, urging them to establish quality climate education worldwide. Read More.

The Great Big Green Week – Is taking place this year from the 10th to the 18th of June. Find out how to get involved by organising or supporting an event in your community, or what events you can attend. Read More.

#YouGotTheLook – Join 5 Media in their 60 day challenge to free yourself from fast fashion and create your own look instead by exploring matching and rematching what’s already in your wardrobe. Read More.


Making a Difference – Watch and listen to this fantastic and inspirational poem by Lemn Sissay, former Chancellor for the University of Manchester. Read More.

Farm to School – This new short film from the Centre for Ecoliteracy showcases the power of youth leadership in transforming the food available at school. Read More.


DfE’s Climate in Education Snapshot February 2023: Department for Education – Stay up to date with what the DfE are working on in regard to climate education with this recent update. Read More.

Evidence Note for Learning in Natural Environments: Council for Learning Outside the Classroom – Learning in natural environments can provide a wide range of positive health and learning outcomes, this report summarises some key findings and is available for use by practitioners. Read More.

Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation: Kim Polman et al – This anthology collection of essays from world leaders and thinkers explores how a compassionate approach to business, finance, the environment and politics can transform our world. Read More.

Are Students ready to take on Environmental Challenges?: OECD – This new PISA report examines the types of education policy and practices that can help students build an environmentally sustainable future, and finds varying levels of environmental knowledge and skills, attitudes and actions among 15-year-old students around the world. Read More.

Climate Aware Practitioner Professional Development Series – This training will be relevant to anyone working in the therapy room with people who are distressed about the reality and impact of the climate crisis and consists of three online workshops leading to a Climate Aware Practitioner qualification. 15th April. Read More.

Through the Door: a workshop for practitioners on facing the climate crisis – This online workshop is for therapists, counsellors and those with experience of working therapeutically with individuals or groups. 25th March. Read More.