Widespread ewe-phoria as Shaun the Sheep becomes Countryside Code Champion – Shaun the Sheep has been announced as the new champion of Natural England’s Countryside Code in response to research showing a majority of children are interested in caring for the environment and want to do more to look after nature and wildlife. Read More.

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) textbooks used in UK schools deny human-caused climate change – The program, used in affiliated schools worldwide is facing criticism for promoting creationism, denying climate change, and presenting evolution as a conspiracy theory. The organisations materials include claims that human-caused climate change is not real, despite developers claiming students can form their own opinions. Read More.

University of Bath: Climate Ambassador Scheme – The University have joined a growing scheme which provides an opportunity for students to work with local primary and secondary schools and support them in responding to climate change. Read More.

Whisper it, but the boom in plastic production could be about to come to a juddering halt – Geoffrey Lean explores a new draft treaty to control plastics which could have the potential to cut production by 80%. Read More.

Fungi Stores – After finding mycorrhizal fungi store over a third of the carbon emitted from fossil fuel each year (equivalent to 36% of global emissions) researchers investigating methods to increase the amount of carbon stored in the soil, and advocating for greater consideration of fungi in conservation and biodiversity policies. Read More.

Climate Cardinals: Bridging the climate information gap with AI-powered translations – This youth-led organization is addressing the language barrier in climate action by using AI tech to translate vital climate information into multiple languages, aiming to empower communities most affected by climate change and create a more inclusive and informed global climate movement. Read More.

Mars bar wrappers changed to paper from plastic in UK trial – 500 Tesco stores across the UK will stock bars with the new wrapper, designed as part of Mars’ exploration into more sustainable packaging. Read More.

Investment in Renewable Energy overtakes Fossil Fuels – Key findings from the World Energy Investment report 2023 show a major boost in global clean energy investment. Read More.

It’s not the job of children to fix the climate crisis. We must show them grown-ups are leading the way – Cassy Polimeni explores how young people bear the weight of an increasingly complex and worrisome climate crisis, and the importance of instilling hope in children’s literature and acknowledging the shared responsibility between adults and young people. Read More.


The Black Curriculum Podcast – Young people are invited to get involved with TBC’s podcast and discuss how the sounds of Black Britain have influenced and shaped Britain. Learn more and book through their website. Read More.

Global Education and Learning for a Just, Peaceful, and Sustainable World – Is the tagline of this year’s ANGEL conference, taking place on the 19th & 20th of June and bringing together academics, researchers, policymakers and practitioners with an interest in global education and learning, ESD, and global citizenship education. Read More.

What does a climate-proof and climate-ready school look like? – On 20th June, the second webinar in UNESCO-UNFCCC’s series will reflect on how to transform learning environments so facilities and operations embody sustainability principles, and explore how school governance and culture can become inclusive and participatory. Read more.

World Environmental Education Congress – The 12t WEEC will be hosted by UAE in Abu Dhabi in January 2024, and they are currently welcoming the submission of original abstract contributions. Read More.

The Wild Minds Podcast – Marina Robb hosts this podcast for everyone interested in health, nature-based therapy and learning. Featuring interviews with outdoor learning professionals and experts in mental health and nature-based practices. Available on Apple and Spotify. Read More.

Environmental Poet of the Year Prize – The newest Michael Marks poetry prize category is open for submissions until 1st September, with prizes including publication, readings, and a visit to the Hellenic Centre in Greece to take part in talks about how climate change is affecting other cultures. Read More.

Rewilding Britain – Have designed a short survey they’d like members, supporters, and interested parties to take, to help inform the nature and direction of their work. The survey takes approx. 15 minutes. Read more.

The Natural History Museum – Has loads of ways you can take part in their research by getting out and exploring the natural world, alone, with your class, or with your family. Find activities for kids, identification, exploration, action, and more. Read more.


Zafer Kizilkaya – Won the 2023 Goldman Environmental Prize, find out about the amazing work he’s doing to expand Turkey’s marine protected areas, and support the recuperation of it’s marine biodiversity. Read More.

New webinar series on youth leadership and innovation for sustainable development – Launching on the 12th June this webinar series will focus on sustainability curriculum development, youth innovation and leadership skills development, and ethics in action, among other themes relating to ESD, the SDGs, and youth leadership. Read More.

The Great Imagining: Newspaper #1 – This new newspaper, dedicated towards a greener, fairer, wiser future, launches in just a few weeks and is jam packed full of fascinating information. When you order copies for your home, school, university, or organisation the charity behind the paper will receive match funding from sponsors. Read More.


Failing The Climate Test: Exam Boards and The Climate Emergency: Teach the Future – This reports finds that out of 128 GCSE papers analysed, 63% included questions or potential answers related to sustainability and the environment, but there were still many missed opportunities to address theses topics, particularly in chemistry and physics papers that focused on technical aspects rather than environmental impacts. Read More.

Children’s People and Nature Survey: Natural England – The Survey ran between the 12th and 26th August 2022 and 21st September and 10th October 2022, it presents findings on how children and young people aged 8-to-15 are engaging with the natural environment inside and outside of school in England. Read More.

The Pearson School Report: Pearson – Every year Pearson publish an in-depth, independent review of the school system; have a look at last years and sign up to receive the 2023 report. Read More.

Solar Habitat: A Look into ecological trends on solar farms in the UK: Solar Energy UK – his report analyses 37 operational solar sites across the UK, highlighting their positive relationships with ecology, focusing on botany, invertebrates, mammals and birds. Read More.

BCW Age of Values Report 2023: BCW Movatory – This report analyses global data and presents findings on the values, expectations, and behaviours of the global population, including the values-behaviour gap. Read More.

The Long View: Why We Need to Transform How the World Sees Time: Richard Fisher – This new book explores how, as humanity faces unprecedented threats from climate disaster to the collapse of democracy, a global shift toward long-term thinking can solve the problems caused by our here-and-now mindsets. Read More.

Food for thought: School meals for sustainable societies: OECD – This Spotlight addresses a number of ways in which schools and education systems can engage with food as a critical component of quality education for all. Read More.