Paris 2024 Olympics: A Greenwashing Nightmare or A Genuine Effort to Save The Planet? – Matthieu Choukroun discusses efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the Olympics. The planning committee aims to halve emissions, focusing on transportation, operations, logistics, and construction, but other suggestions include downsizing, increasing accountability and transparency, using renewable energy, and reducing personal travel. Read More.

Improving soil could keep world within 1.5C heating target, research suggests – Data shows that better farming techniques across the world could lead to storage of 31 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Read More.

In a First, Caltech’s Space Solar Power Demonstrator Wirelessly Transmits Power in Space – This new technology could enable the harvesting of solar power in space, which is then beamed down to Earth for use on the planet. Read More.

British Rainforests – A fifth of Britain was once covered by rainforest, and now The Wildlife Trusts are embarking on an ambitious new project to restore these rainforests across the country. Read More.

Fans of The Little Mermaid are getting together to fight for Ariel’s home – A campaign called “Protect Ariel’s Home” emphasises the importance of keeping rivers, oceans, and drinking water clean for all, especially people in BIPOC communities who are at the frontline of climate change. Read More.

Deforestation rates plummeted in Brazil – In the 6 months since Bolsonaro left office data suggests deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has dropped by 34 percent; the Brazilian Government, now lead by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, appears to be ramping up environmental enforcement. Read More.


SDG Flag Campaign 2023 – This September marks 8 years since the adoption of the SDG’s, and only 7 until their culmination in 2030. Show your organisations support for the goals on the 25th of September by joining hundreds of others across the country in raising a flag for the SDGs. Read More.

Global Dimension Awards 2023 – Reboot the Future’s yearly awards aim to highlight and support top quality engaging teaching resources to revitalise education system. Winners in three categories will be announced in July, and you have the option to vote in the Teachers Choice Award. Read More.

UN Global Compact Network UK Flagship Summit – Is taking place this year on the 16th and 17th October at a central London venue yet to be announced. The summit will bring together corporate, government, and civil society leaders to discuss how to drive sustainability to ensure business success. Read more.

Global Education Network (Africa) 12th International Conference – The theme for this years’ event is Research, Technology, and Quality Education for Sustainable Development, and the conference itself will take place from the 17th – 21st September at Liverpool Hope University. Read More.

The Dirt is Good – Is a free programme for children aged 7-14; teachers are provided with engaging education resources, tools, and a framework that combine to help them effectively empower children to unite and take action on social and environmental issues, and learn about and work towards the SDG’s. Read More.

Teachers Choice 2023: Global Dimension – The results of the Teachers Choice 2023 are in and the top 5 resources, as voted by 18,000 teachers across the UK, are available to access online. Read More.


Natural History Museum: Introduction to the National Education Nature Park – On # 12th July the Natural History Museum recorded a live broadcast explaining what the national education park and climate action awards are all about, and how your nursery, school, or college can get involved in the Autumn term. Watch the recording online. Read More.

Interweaving land and lives: Kin Coedel – Shot high on the Tibetan plateau, also known as the ‘roof of the world’, this photo series paints an intimate portrait of nomadic communities where a respect for their surroundings is woven into the fabric of their ancient traditions. Read More.

Climate Clock Activation at the Climate Innovation Forum 2023 – At the recent, and largest so far, Climate Innovation Forum 2023 His Majesty King Charles III and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan activated the Climate Clock, a powerful reminder that there is just over six years left to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Read More.


The best books to read this summer for a positive perspective – Positive News magazine has compiled this list of fabulous books with positive messages for the future, including some of our favourites such as Factfulness by Hans Rosling and Human Kind by Rutger Bregman, and highly solutions-based reads like Eric Holthaus’ The Future Earth. Read More.

Pearson School Report 2023 – Pearson worked with Teacher Tapp, and the report highlights the challenges that teachers are facing, how opinions have changed, and their insights into diversity, equity, inclusion, digital education and environmental action. Read More.

FEE 2022 Report: Foundation for Environmental Education – The 2022 Report gives an account of the many activities and actions from the FEE network and presents the global impact they’ve had on empowering climate action, protecting global biodiversity and reducing environmental pollution. Read More.

Sustainable Travel Report 2023: – Now in its eighth year,’s annual Sustainable Travel Report, which gathered insights from over 33,000 travelers across 35 countries and territories, spotlights how economic uncertainty is informing meaningful sustainable travel decisions this year. Read more.

We are the Future: Project Pack: Reboot the Future – This pack is designed to help students connect with their role as a future ancestor. During the project, pupils will explore what it means to be a ‘future ancestor’, exploring the principle of ‘seven generation stewardship’ from The Haudenosaunee people of North America, and exploring how they can create a legacy of a better future for the people who live after them. Read More.