Chris Packham on why he’s angry, yet hopeful – Chris talks to Positive News about how he found positivity following direct attacks against him in response to his relentless campaigning against harming birds of prey and the wider natural world. Read More.

Can climate education save our planet? – Dennis Nolasco from Earthday explores the state of Climate Literacy across US States, and what is needed to provide students with the preparation they require for the future. Read More.

UK Government announces ‘world-first’ scheme to deliver nature boost for housing developments – The new biodiversity net gain law means if habitats are destroyed for homes, roads or other developments, equivalent habitats – which must also deliver a 10% biodiversity gain – must be recreated on-site or elsewhere. Read More.

UK quits treaty that lets fossil fuel firms sue governments over climate policies – After failing to align the treaty with Net Zero Emissions plans the UK is pulling out, joining France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Read More.

Amazon enters £15 million partnership with Belterra to scale forest regeneration – Betlerra, 2023 Earthshot prize finalists, are helping Brazilian smallholders move away from damaging monoculture farming and adopt regenerative techniques that help lock harmful carbon emissions in the ground. Read More.

Big Education Challenge Winners – Force of Nature, a project designed to address students’ climate anxiety by providing training pathways to help young people prepare for roles in a green economy, build confidence, develop skills, and find the climate solutions they wish to lead, is one of three winners of this new prize. Read More.

EU fossil fuel CO2 emissions hit 60-year low – The Guardian reveals the EU pumped out 8% less carbon dioxide from the fossil fuels it burned in 2023 than it did in 2022, bringing emissions down to their lowest level in 60 years, but scientists warn they are still falling too slowly. Read More.


Sign the Global Plastics Treaty Petition – This petition, fuelled by research into the harmful health effects of plastics on the human body, seeks to mobilize global action to counteract plastic pollution and its far-reaching consequences. Read More.

FEE Global Action Days – The Foundation for Environmental Education Action Days take place from the 22nd April to the 3rd Find out how your school or family can be involved, and how you can access fee learning resources. Read More.

Climate Education Quiz! – Take Earthday’s new quiz yourself to test your knowledge, or use it as a helpful resources when working with students. Read More.

Nature Recovery Workshops – Gloucestershire Local Nature Partnership has a series of 6 workshops from the 8th March to 20th April at sites around Gloucestershire designed to bring in and explore local views and knowledge which will inform a Local Nature Recovery Strategy. Read More.

Introduce sustainability leadership in your school – This free twilight training session from The Harmony Project takes place on the 19th March, both in person at the University of Cambridge and on Zoom. Contact Chris Barber c/o with ‘Sustainability in Education event’ in the subject line to book your place.

2024 Earth Charter Conference – This years theme is ‘Reimagining education for ecological civilisations’. The three-day conference intends to build a space to collaborate on innovate approaches to education for change, identify new ways to reorient education and provide learning and sharing opportunities to enhance sustainability and global citizenship education. 12th – 14th April. Read More.

Women’s and Men’s Woodland Retreats – Held on the 21st June and 28th September respectively these immersive experiences will engage in nature connection, natural craft skills, plant identification, herbal medicine, and wild foods. Read More Women’s. Read More Men’s.

1st International Conference of FEE EcoCampus – This conference takes place in Lisbon on the 26th and 27th April, and marks the 20th anniversary of the EcoCampus programme. Students, educators, facilities staff and everyone interested is invited to join others from around the world to share knowledge and experience. Read More.

The Fashion Industry Must Change – This petition from Earthday urges the creation of regulations within the fashion industry to protect the environment and the health of living things. Read More.


Improving young people’s wellbeing through nature – This free webinar from the National Education Park and Climate Awards takes place on the 28th of February. Sign up online to join the webinar, or if you can’t make it you can catch up on this and previous recordings through their website. Sign up. Visit the website.

Where the Flowers Grow – Inspired by the millions of flowers gifted around the world every day, Where the Flowers Grow is a mini documentary by Imagine 5 about just what the environmental impact of flower gifting is. Read More.

The Earth Charter Magazine: Earth Charter International – Volume two of this new magazine, created to offer a space to share short articles, personal reflections, practical examples, research results, and experiences of implementing Earth Charter principles, is available to read online. Read More.

Sustainability on a Shoestring: BBC Future – This page from BBC is dedicated to articles on helping you choose sustainable alternatives to everyday decisions and products, that don’t cost a fortune. Read More.

2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference – The theme for this years’ conference is ‘delivering the science we need for the ocean we want’, and it takes place from the 10th – 12th April, in Barcelona. Read More.

Earth Aid Live 2025 – The founder of Live Aid has announced a series of six concerts to take place across five continents in 2025, in the name of promoting climate action. Read More.


Scenarios for the future of school education in the EU: A Foresight Study: Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (European Commission) – This new report, on which SEEd’s Ann Finlayson was an advisor, identifies preferred scenario developments and provides recommendations on policy measures that could be introduced, or strengthened, to help school education in the EU move towards the preferred future scenario. Read More.

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Leaderboard – Check out this years birdwatch results and find out what species are flourishing or failing in your area. Read More.

A 5-step guide to addressing climate change with kids: Emily Walker, Earthday – In this article Emily outlines five practical steps you can take to inform, guide, and support your conversations about climate change with young people. Read More.

UN SDG: Learn Take your pick from hundreds of courses covering all aspects of sustainability and global citizenship; a range of learning styles available including online, blended, face to face, facilitated online, and self-paced. Read More.

Futures of Education: UNESCO – This online area outlines the principles behind UNESCO’s education work, and includes links to research, reports, and debate pieces on the future of education. Read More.

Climate in Education Snapshot – February 2024: Department for Education – Check out the latest news and stories from school’s in this month’s snapshot, find out more about DfE’s current Climate in Education projects, and subscribe to future snapshots. Read More.