• The climate cafe helping eco-anxious Africans find hope amid the heat – Research suggest only 3 in 0 Nigerians have heard of the climate crisis, and the new climate cafe is Lagos one of a just a few across the continent. Read More.
  • Global child deaths reach historic low in 2022 – A recent UN report shows more children are surviving today than ever before, with the global under-5 mortality rate declining by 51 per cent since 2000. Read More.
  • Building emotional resilience in times of change – insights from PISA – “Learning is not a transactional business but a social and relational experience, with the quality of student-teacher relationships at its heart. In many high-performing education systems, teachers are not just great instructors, but also great coaches, mentors, community builders, and creative designers.” Read More.
  • Mainstream Climate Science: The new denialism – Sir Jonathon Porritt writes on the state of play of climate science and the backlash against action to address the mess we are in. Read More.
  • Historic Climate Ruling: States Must Step up Climate Action to Protect Human Rights – This month the European Court of Human Rights issued a groundbreaking ruling when they deemed Switzerland in violation of Human Rights for failing to implement sufficient measures to combat climate change. Read More.
  • Education through Forest Food Gardens – Hear from students at the University of Sussex about their reasons for choosing the Forest Food Garden module, and what they feel it’s bringing to their education. Read More.
  • How did Norway become the electric car superpower? – In this Guardian article Sam Wollaston explores how, in a world where transport contributes about 20% of CO2 emissions, 82.4% of private vehicles sold in Norway in 2023 were electric. Read More.
  • Restored coral reefs can grow as fast as healthy reefs – Following a four-year study, researchers from the University of Exeter have found evidence that out planting new coral in degraded reefs with the use of Reef Stars can lead to rapid recovery. Read More.
  • The city where ‘the future has already arrived’ – Utrecht offers us a sneak peak into the future of city living with its green renovations. Read More.


  • Outdoor Classroom Day – Is the 23rd of May, and the start of the National Education Nature Park’s new campaign ‘Habitat Heroes’, which calls on children and young people to be champions for nature and find homes for wildlife in schools, colleges and nurseries across the country. Read More.
  • The Great Global Clean Up – Get involved this Earth day (April 22nd!) in helping clean up a green space near (or far!) to you. Find events on their interactive map. Read More.
  • City Nature Challenge: share wildlife sightings from your school – This global challenge from the Education Nature Park runs from the 26th – 29th April and is an annual community science event inviting participants to photograph and record their nature sightings. Read More.
  • Golden Month – Reboot the Future are invited you to take part in their April campaign reflecting on the value of treating others and the planet with kindness. Read More.
  • The Circular Economy Podcast – Join ReThink Global’s Catherine Weetman as she explores how circular, regenerative and fair solutions are better for people, planet and prosperity, and interviews the people working hard at making it happen. Read More.
  • Japan Art Mile – This project aims to cultivate global citizens who respect diverse cultures, have a global perspective, and take actions to build peace and drive sustainable development across different cultural backgrounds. Respond to their call for participation online. Read More.
  • The Heart of What Matters: Making Meaning in a Time of Crisis – This weekend retreat from Circle of Trust runs over the 12th – 14th July and asks the questions: What does a meaningful life look like now? What really matters? Read More.


  • Stephen Sterling in conversation with Justin Dillon + book launch – “Stephen’s research interests lie in the interrelationships between ecological thinking, systemic change, and learning at individual and institutional scales to help meet the challenge of accelerating the educational response to the sustainability agenda. His new book, which will be launched after the seminar, is entitled ‘The Stephen Sterling Reader’.” Read More.
  • COP28 and Education – Check out this recording of a workshop The Schumacher Institute held in March; Vasiliki Kioupi and Ana Romero discuss the general outcomes of COP28 in relation to education and what they mean for the future of action for climate empowerment. Read More.
  • Let’s Go Zero spotlight on National Education Nature Park – In this free webinar on the 8th May you’ll hear about the National Education Nature Park programme from colleagues at the Natural History Museum and Royal Horticultural Society, and about how the free programme aims to empower every young person in England to make a positive difference to both their own and nature’s future. Read More.
  • The Harmony Project: Educator insights – The Harmony Project have been gathering the thoughts and experiences of the teachers and educators involved in their network and are showing them in this video. Read More.
  • Call of the wild: can this song breathe life into our barren spruce plantations? – A new song by Scottish composer Alexander Chapman Campbel is calling attention to the swathes of eerily un-biodiverse conifer forest across the UK. Read More.
  • The race to save the planet – This beautiful and strangely sci-fi-esque collection of photographs by photographer Davide Monteleone documents a new world of carbon consumption. Read More.
  • 2024 Goldman Prize Ceremony – Takes place on the 29th of April and awards environmental impact and leadership, and celebrates the prize’s 35th year. Read More.
  • Birds: Brilliant and Bizarre – A new exhibition at the Natural History Museum celebrating our feathered friends in all their strangeness and wonder will open this May, running until January 2025. Read More.
  • 22 Minutes… – In the run up to this years’ Earth Day (April 22nd!) have released an exciting line up of guests who’ll be visiting their new (this year) show to chat all things sustainability. Read More.


  • When young people discover their shared values: Effects on hope and environmental engagement: University of Bath – Currently in progress, this project from Bath Uni is investigating the psychology behind the rise in climate anxiety in young people, specifically examining young people’s perceptions of shared values around the environment and how these impact their hopes and actions. Read More.
  • How outdoor advertising placement relates to health and wealth inequalities: Peter Brooks, Adfree Cities – This survey of roadside advertising explores a national trend in which advertising in public space is disproportionately located in more deprived and polluted areas. Read More.
  • World Happiness Report 2024: Ed: John F. Helliwell, Richard Layard, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Lara B. Aknin, and Shun Wang – The 2024 report explores happiness at different life stages, from young to old and everything in between. Read More.


  • Release our Wind: Friends of the Earth – A new report by Friends of the Earth explores the huge potential for generating renewable energy in a range of onshore sites across the UK, estimating 13 times more energy could be generate than currently is. Read More.