A hub of six Gloucestershire and Bristol schools/colleges are launching the SEEd Young Changemakers programme at a joined event this September. Some 250 students will begin to identify their sustainability project ideas and meet local community partners and mentors to support the student-designed and led projects. We are already talking to secondary schools with a view to running the programme in Sept 2024 in other parts of the UK, including Berkshire, Dorset, Kent, Lancashire and Liverpool. If you are interested in taking part in a hub of schools, please contact admin@se-ed.org.uk to register your interest now!

The schools/colleges are responding to the need to activate learning for sustainability with staff and students. The hub of schools this year includes grammars, comprehensives, independents, and a further education college. With just these six school/colleges in the hub this year, up to 3700 students are potentially impacted by the programme. The programme is designed to enable teachers and secondary schools to quickly engage with a deep sustainability learning model without interfering with their timetable or formal curriculum.

SEEd’s Young Changemakers is an action-learning programme, building sustainability competencies through action-learning projects led by the students themselves. The year-long programme includes:

  • termly student gatherings to work on their topics and projects
  • activities and reflection work
  • modules on systems thinking and how to create change
  • as well as field trips relevant to their projects.

SEEd has selected over 20 businesses, charities, and community organisations of all sizes to bring real life examples of organisations with an environmental and sustainability focus to the participating schools. The partners offer site visits, talks, volunteering opportunities, mentoring and informal careers advice to the students on the programme. Read about our community partners and their amazing projects here.