We’re often asked what books for children covering sustainability and environmental topics we’d recommend, and now Jen Gale (Author of two Sustainable(ish) guides) and Ann Finlayson have made us a helpful list of recommendations.

First up, some suggestions for kids:

📚 The whole Wild Tribe Heroes series by the brilliant Ellie Jackson is fabulous. Wonderful, gentle stories, beautifully illustrated to help share important environmental messages with younger children
📚 Anything by Dr Jess French, BSc BVMedSCi BVM BVS MRCVS. They’re all fabulous, so I couldn’t just pick one! Great books to explore with your kids, or for them to explore on their own once they’re a bit older.
📚 Martin Dorey has a great series of ‘Kids fight…‘ books. Diving into plastic, climate and extinction, these are ideal for any budding eco-warriors/worriers, packed with ideas for age appropriate action.
📚 The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. An absolute classic.
📚 Bright New World by Cindy Forde. Cindy is dedicated to telling different kinds of stories to build a shared understanding of how to look after Earth and all her creatures.

And because World Book Day shouldn’t just be for the kids, here are some suggestions for grown ups!

📚 Hot Mess by Matthew Winning. Matt very cleverly manages to make the shit show that is climate change both very readable and pretty funny!
📚 Saving Us by Katharine Hayhoe. The go to book for anyone wanting to learn how to have better climate conversations.
📚 It’s Not That Radical by Mikaela Loach. A super important book about climate justice and racial equity.
📚 My books 🙈 I feel silly adding them in here, but it would also be remiss of me to miss the opportunity to point you in their direction!