Reboot the Future: Reboot the Conversation

Their new conversation initiative builds on the How Will You Reboot the Future? campaign in April, where they successfully engaged 14,000 campaign visitors and reached a million people online.  With the support of Marks and Spencer, they are delighted to be launching Reboot the Conversation – a new online hub to help people kickstart conversations about the climate with families and friends. Focusing on nature, the climate, food and fashion, they showcase the stories of real youth campaigners and their family members who share their efforts to live more sustainably, and then guide you through a series of questions to support your own conversations with the people you care about.

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Solar for Schools

The Solar for Schools app helps students re-engage with learning on their own mobile devices, phones and tablets, about sustainability and solar power.

Sneaking in learning through engaging gameplay, students are self-led to develop deep scientific content knowledge. Alongside the educational gameplay, the app gives students access to the unique Solar for Schools solar panel design tool. Students create a real solar panel system for the school as well as develop a presentation for a real audience.

The Solar for Schools app is cutting edge in its approach and has so far been used by hundreds of students across the UK. Over 90% of them said they enjoy using the app for learning!


Wild Wisdom Global Challenge 

Climate action is one of the important issues of our time for young people. Ahead of the UN COP26 Climate Summit, convening leaders and changemakers to accelerate action, the World Wildlife Fund and ITZA are inviting forward-thinking schools to join an exciting pilot initiative, ahead of a global roll-out to schools in 2022.