Solar for Schools

Investigative, gameified learning is one of the cornerstones of the new Solar for Schools app. The app is currently in testing, and Solar for Schools is looking for Eco Club teachers who are interested in running an activity in their June meetings using the new app. Teachers will be provided with an activity guide and all the required materials, so all they need to do is check their email to prepare for the activity! Their participation in June will be rewarded with a £50 voucher for the club.  

“I have worked in education for sustainable development for over 10 years.  This App is unique offering teachers an innovative teaching resource that applies curriculum knowledge to up-to-date, relevant sustainable practice. Providing self-directed, bite-sized learning as well as encouraging peer-to-peer learning through social action,” says Wendy Litherland, Science teacher at St. Christopher CofE High School & Sixth Form 

If you run an Eco Club or know of a group who would be interested in this opportunity, please be in touch with Sarah Finder, Due to a limited number of vouchers, sign-ups will be on a first-come first-served basis.  


All About Swifts

The end of April and beginning of May see’s the return of Swifts to the UK, to raise awareness of their decreasing numbers RSPB have launched a range of swift themed activities: you can learn how to ID them, follow one plucky swift on her migration from Africa, find out what you can do to help increase their numbers, learn more about them, and share your sightings.

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