Has presented written evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee’s Green Jobs inquiry calling for all school leavers to have an essential understanding of key environmental issues. “We argue that in our 21st Century economy every job is a green job because of the environmental laws and regulations that are now a routine part of any employment together with the moral imperatives which underpin them.”  

Evidence can be found here: and on their blog:


PECT have teamed up with Rethink Food and devised the Growing Tower Programme, which introduces pupils in schools across Peterborough to the UN SDG’s.

Steph Patten from Hampton College Primary talks about how the tower has helped pupils engage with a range of different types of learning, including: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design. And how they’ve utilised a range of different skills when doing so, including: following instructions, writing, taking turns, talking to each other about what they had done, what they had to do, and what they think will happen – plus writing notices and signs for other people to tell them what the growing tower is, as well as observing the growing.

Read Steph’s blog and find out more about the project here.


Call of the Wild

WWF have launched their new podcast, Call of the Wild, in which Cel Spellman, with the help of guest speakers, discovers how every one of us can make a difference in the fight to save our world. The guest speaker on their first episode is David Attenborough, plus a bonus episode. You can read more and subscribe to the podcast online.

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The Arbor School

Are recruiting an Ecoliteracy Specialist Teacher to deliver ecoliteracy to Y6–Y9 pupils, starting in August 2021, in Dubai. Over the course of the year the teacher will receive expert mentoring to help them in this role, and will also be required to support the delivery of ecoliteracy activities for younger, primary aged pupils. In the second year they will then deliver the Global Perspectives IGCSE course which will include Y10 pupils.

Enquire for more information about applying for this position to:

Catalyse Change

Project 17 is a podcast sharing 17 stories, from 17-year-olds, from across 17 countries. Each episode focuses on one SDG and asks: is our world becoming a better place? This month Sahar from New Delhi looks at Goal 5: Gender Equality, and speaks about being treated differently for being a girl.

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