UKSSD have coordinated with the UN Global Compact Network UK to create a letter calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to use the SDG’s to create a socially just and green recovery from the pandemic, the letter has been signed by over 160 companies, individuals, and civil society organisations.

The letter recommends the SDGs are used to:

  1. Unite all sectors behind a plan to build a stronger and more resilient economy
  2. Prioritise the most vulnerable in our society and level-up regional and societal inequalities
  3. Build coherent policies for a healthy planet and to aid the transition to net zero

Acknowledging the number of letters the PM has received calling for a green recovery and a net zero carbon future, the letter highlights that these environmental goals do not have to be in conflict with social and economic needs, and that the SDGs provide an ideal way to create co-benefits.

Read the article here. View the letter here.


The health of the Antarctic seal population is a big indicator of the overall health of it’s marine environment. WWF’s project ‘Seals from Space‘ uses state of the art satellite technology to study the pack-ice seals from space, allowing them to see individual seals, baby seals, and blood on the ice. And enabling a more in depth study of their habitats and movements, which in turn helps create further data on the health of the Antarctic, and the effects of climate change. Read More.