Marine Conservation Society

MCS is excited to be launching a new programme in January 2021: new free live lessons for children aged 7 – 11.

These free sessions will look at underwater species and their habitats, where they can be found, why they’re so important, and what impacts human’s have on these creatures and their environments.

The 30 minute lessons will be available weekdays, just email MCS to arrange the session for a time that’s convenient for you: There is no dedicated webpage currently, but you can find out more by emailing MCS, or having a look at their flyer.

Teach the Future

MockCOP26 was held throughout the end of November 2020, and brought young people from all over the world together virtually to discuss the climate crisis, and in particular: climate education.

One of the major outcomes of the youth conference has been the formation and creation of a treaty for urgent climate action to be sent to the Heads of State of all countries, and the Attorney General of the UN. Read More.

You can also donate to Teach the Future to help support their programmes:


The number of birds in the sky has plummeted in the last 50 years.

RSPB are supporting an addition to the Environment Bill being taken to Parliament by a group of MP’s, which would guarantee the Government reverse the decline in nature in England by 2030. RSPB are asking you to help by asking your local MP’s to support the addition. Read More.


Following their recent AGM NAEE have released their latest annual review report, and their latest journal is available online.

They’ve also, in collaboration with NGA, recently released two resources aimed at helping school governance boards embrace and adopt environmental sustainability as a core value and strategic outcome. These are: Developing a Whole School Approach to Sustainability, and Developing Sustainability: Helping school governors influence Whole School Approaches.

Their November News page highlights several exciting projects that have been taking place over the past month, including Global Action Plan’s week long Youth Climate Summit, the recordings from which are available to watch online.

Lastly, NAEE are currently welcoming ideas for their 50th birthday in September 2021.

Read More.