Solar for Schools

Schools Communication Intern

The project:

Founded in 2015, Solar Options for Schools Ltd (Solar for Schools) aims to help the next generations to be energy savvy. The company has six years’ experience delivering solar-pv projects on schools managing over 200 installations, conducting and co-ordinating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) workshops about solar energy and climate change to over 80,000 students in the UK, Germany and India. With supplemental funding from Innovate UK, Solar for Schools developed and tested an innovative education mobile app which uses geo-functions to provide contextual/experiential learning about solar energy and sustainability. The goal of the project, among others, was to encourage student behaviour to accelerate the transition to net zero carbon living, while enabling all pupils, regardless of home-life-environments, for equal participation on a school-wide project. (Note: We are willing to support a master’s degree thesis project around this topic. Please indicate interest, if applicable.)The Solar for Schools app is now live and available for free for download, and the project is moving forward with wide-scale distribution and testing. We are actively looking for support with our outreach and marketing of the app to schools and teachers for the coming academic year.

Details of a school communication intern:

As a volunteer Schools Communication Representative, you will be responsible for 1-the marketing of the app to schools, teachers and students in your region and 2-customer support. This opportunity will give you great experience in communications, where you will be making a huge difference in the transition to a zero-carbon society.

  • Create new marketing assets, messaging and campaigns for distribution of the app, including social media
  • Maintain app registrations and statistics on new users
  • Track user engagement and feedback (in partnership with the Product Designer)
  • Telecommunications with customers, customer support. This is not a typical marketing job since you will also be expected to actively engage with app users and potential customers.

Our goal is to engage 250,000 students at 2,000 schools across the UK within the next 18 months. Can you help us reach this goal?

How to apply:

Please send your resume or CV with a brief cover letter to Sarah Finder,, with your available start date and commitment availability (hours/week). We look forward to receiving your application!

Global Compact Network UK

Building Business Climate Resilience webinar series

This series of webinars has been designed to support companies to enhance business resilience, and in turn broader societal and environmental resilience to climate change. There are three webinars in the series: Climate Resilience via a People and Nature centred approach; Nature Based solutions for enhanced Climate Resilience; and Engaging Supply Chain Stakeholders to support Climate Resilience.

These take place throughout September and October 2021 and you can sign up online to take part; each session has been designed so you will gain insight into tools and resources available, develop a greater understanding of risks and effective management, and learn how to take action and develop effective climate resilience.

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Four career opportunities currently available

NUS have four career opportunities currently open to application, two within the Union as part of the development team, and two project manager roles within SOS-UK.

Our professional team support elected student leaders so as they make change, improve lives and fulfil potential, we help make it happen. And with more than more than 550 member students’ unions across the country, a huge range of services and a bold strategy, we’re committed to taking our national movement from strength to strength.

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Nature-inspired learning

Biomimicry is an approach in which students learn how to use nature as a source of inspiration to solve design challenges. The BioLearn project has created a range of learning modules to support STEM teaching in secondary schools. Each explores a different way in which nature can inspire solutions to human design challenges. For example, how to design a strong and flexible building, or helping to create a bottle that does not contribute to the problem of plastic waste? These can all be freely downloaded.

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Campaign success: thousands join the call to Revive Our World

More than 100,000 people have called on the UK’s governments to take action to protect nature and the climate.

To raise awareness of nature’s plight, from 1–8 July RSPB opened ‘InConvenience’ Stores in Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh – pop-up shops and stalls designed to highlight what an average weekly shop could look like in a world without nature. They asked people to support the campaign by going online and adding ‘survival items’ to their shopping baskets, and then presented ‘Survival Baskets’ to UK leaders.

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