RSPB are looking for an outstanding communicator with a passion for saving nature.

Work within RSPB England’s Fundraising and Communications department creating innovative and engaging content that helps grow audiences, and inspire everyone to act to save nature. Work on digital marketing, social media, broadcasts, and consumer PR, creating communications for RSPB’s major campaigns, as well as helping to design on-site signage and destination marketing plans. Closes 26th April.

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Royal Town Planning Institute

Invest in planners to deliver place-based climate action

A UK-wide national investment programme is needed to fund local authorities to collaborate across departments to deliver place-based climate action. The Institute’s new report: Place-Based Approaches to Climate Change: Opportunities for Collaboration in Local Authorities’ explores areas of joint working and information sharing within local authorities to deliver place-based climate action with a particular focus on collaboration between planners and sustainability officers. Case study examples from across the UK highlight where joint-working at different stages of the planning process has helped integrate planning and climate change.

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RCE Scotland

How to learn for a Better Future through School – Youth Work Partnerships

In February LfS Scotland and YouthLink Scotland hosted a series of webinars discussing how Schools and the Youth Work sector can work effectively to support young people to meet future challenges and become active change agents for a better world. Visit their blog to read more, and to see the presentations, webinar recordings, and discussion notes.

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Marine Conservation Society

Sustainability, seafood and Seaspiracy

MCS’s Head of Fisheries and Aquaculture offers some important and interesting answers to questions raised by watchers of Seaspiracy, and other members of the team share their answers to even more follow-up questions.

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