The SEEd Changemakers – Facilitating Learning for Sustainability course has been running for 12 years.

In this time, it has directly reached 117 participants and, because it focuses on training leaders, it has a potential reach into the thousands. It has been run in the UK and Europe, and has attracted international participants. The groups are varied with educators, teachers, university staff, lecturers, young people, people in businesses.

The course offers participants an in-depth exploration of how they can bring about change in their thinking, their practice and in their workplaces using ESD methods, facilitation skills, action learning projects and social learning. Through four intensive days of training, the course is aimed to make them become change makers and leaders. The course covers learning and facilitation and all aspects of sustainability – human, environmental and economic – and the SDGs.

This evaluation document reports on the impact of this course on participant’s learning and practice. A questionnaire was sent to previous participants and short interviews were also conducted with a selected number of participants. The results reveal that the course has been transformative and impacted on many people in institutions.