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Education – What Needs to Change?

20 year old Natasha Frost reflects on her own education, from the perspective of looking back and thinking about the why, the what and how we educate. Education I did [...]

Education Discussions

In these different and challenging times we have been heartened by the new understanding of who ‘key workers’ are in the UK. I am sure many families now appreciate the [...]

An Education System fit for the Future

Joining the Youth4Climate Strikers one year on. By Isa Clee On the morning of Friday 14thFebruary, I set off for the Freedom Arch in Stroud to join the Youth4Climate school [...]

On Seeing Greta in Bristol

Greta Thunberg visited Bristol on February 28th. We asked 17 year old Mia, one of SEEd’s Youth Ambassadors, to write about her experience of joining the thousands of young people [...]

A Different Class

Read about SEEd's founder, Ann Finlayson, and her experiences and philosophy around the kind of education we are going to need, in this interview with Huw Morris from IEMA: Transform [...]

Is Economics in ESD?

It continues to surprise me that economics is not being considered as part of education for sustainability. After all it was always in the various diagrams used to show sustainability.If [...]

Where in the ESD Jigsaw do you fit?

Ann Finlayson  October 2019 I’ve recently found myself in meetings of like-minded sustainability folk where I’ve had to explain, for what seems like the millionth time, what education for sustainability [...]

Re-Thinking Education for a more Sustainable World

Dr Stephen Sterling - Emeritus Professor of Sustainability Education, University of Plymouth I’ve just launched my first website. It feels strangely liberating. It puts me in mind of watching doves [...]

Sustainability is a Personal Journey

We all do things differently. And although we may share some of them with our peers and colleagues, we all have different tastes, hobbies, interests, and aspirations. For many people, [...]

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