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Learning and Change…

New SEEd Chair of Trustees Cathy d'Abreu reflects on the challengesof bringing about positive change. Drumbeats for change  There are so many drums beating for change globally that we can be [...]

21st Century ‘Green’ Skills

Award winning film maker and human right campaigner Leslee Udwin talks about Think Equal’s vision for a safe, free and equal world. Our mission is to achieve a global system [...]

A Forest of ‘Green’ Skills in Bath…

Dr Penny Hay talks about the free creative learning programme being delivered in Bath that supports a reimagining of an urban future deeply connected to nature. Forest of Imagination is [...]

Change and Our Shared World

By Ann Finlayson Change – what is it good for? Absolutely everything! How often have you heard someone say they hate change? Maybe you say it yourself? But the truth [...]

Education for Sustainable Fashion

Textiles student Mia Venus McClafferty reflects on what needs to change for a more Sustainable future in Fashion Almost a year has now passed since I received my A-level qualification [...]

Our Shared World Won’t Wait…..

SEEd is proud to be co-chairing the Our Shared World coalition of organisations, supporting the implementation of SDG4.7 in education in England. Here, Ellis Brooks from Quakers In Britain, who [...]

Julie Ward’s Letter to the Earth

Julie Ward is an activist poet and theatre maker who became an accidental politician in 2014 by getting elected to represent the North West of England in the European Parliament. [...]

Education as if People and Planet Matter

A personal reflection on Education by Associate Sociology Professor, SEEd Trustee and Mother, Katy Wheeler July 2019: I can feel my baby softly nudging me as I share a cold [...]

A Curriculum for People and Planet

By Jenny Rhodes Today’s schoolchildren will be adults in the 2030s, and will probably face serious issues due to the climate and ecological emergency. Are we equipping them with the [...]

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