SEEd Cabinet of Curiosities

The SEEd Cabinet of Curiosities is a mix of objects and provocations designed to provoke and start conversations about sustainability. Some might be seen as a metaphor… We want to know what these objects have got to do with sustainability, what you think is missing and why?

Recurring sustainability themes in the display are:

  • water,
  • energy,
  • climate change,
  • food and farming,
  • travel and transport,
  • resource use and waste,
  • equity and social justice,
  • economics and globalisation
  • ecological crisis (loss of biodiversity and ecological systems and the 6th mass extinction)

How to use the Cabinet to developing critical, systems and futures thinking:

Our free resource document shows all the objects in the cabinet and what they have to do with sustainability. It can be used to question, debate and investigate everyday stuff around sustainability. Use it at dinner, community conversations, in tutorials, in citizenship classes or to stimulate inquiry learning projects. Remember there is no answer, just the thinking, questioning and debating process.

The Sustainability Curiosities collection is growing, as many of you write to us with new objects to add to the cabinet. We would love to hear what you think is missing from the collection.

Fill in the form below for a link to the free resource document and tell us about what objects you would like to add to the cabinet and why.

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