Following reflections, comments and contributions at a Mock COP28 session celebrated in June 2023, Wellington College, Edgbarrow School, Holme Grange School, Charters School, and Wokingham Youth Council have shared their finalised version of a COP28 Student Declaration. The declaration aims to present the voice of students and remind countries of their commitments and actions at COP28 and beyond, in the area of education for tackling the climate crisis.

The purpose of the student declaration is to secure support for and strengthen the global voice of students representing youth and children. Schools are invited to endorse the declaration and to use it as a background paper for events and activities they may develop.

The declaration will be presented at COP28 this December, at a high-level side event organised by Wellington College and the Latin American Organization for Climate Action (OLAC). The event will take place at the Greening Education Hub hosted by the Ministry of Education of UAE and UNESCO. It will also be delivered by a Wellington College student, in her role of Youth and Climate Ambassador, to high-level officials of the UNFCCC, the Presidency of COP28, representatives of different constituencies, and other relevant actors.

Wellington College students have been taking part in the SEEd Young Changemakers programme for the past five years and have actively participated in the international climate negotiations since COP25.

With thanks to Wellington College for the above photo and the student declaration document. For more information contact