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Changing our minds means changing how we feel

By Tom Crompton, Co-founder, Common Cause Foundation Common Cause Foundation has long highlighted the ways in which movements for social and environmental change often rehearse and embed a neoliberal worldview. [...]

COP and climate change education: what happened at COP27 and what happens next?

Link to original post: Dr Kate Greer, Prof. Nicola Walshe Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society Corresponding author:   So, [...]

Don’t Do Sustainability

By Brett Girven, Principal at The Arbor School Dubai "Brett contacted me probably 4 or so years ago. The Arbor School in Dubai was newly built and with an environmental [...]

Learning and Change…

New SEEd Chair of Trustees Cathy d'Abreu reflects on the challengesof bringing about positive change. Drumbeats for change  There are so many drums beating for change globally that we can be [...]

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